A free static site generator

Easily transform Markdown files into a static website. Anyone can use it.

Beginner Friendly

If you can create a text file and save it in a folder, you can use Strike3. Concentrate on writing great content rather than writing PHP.

Wonderful Markdown

Writing in Markdown is a pleasure. Strike3 lets you write all of your content in this great markup language.


No databases or updates to install for your site. Markdown, HTML and CSS goes into Strike3 and a complete static website comes out.


Blog, portfolio, landing page or online business? Strike3 can be used to create any or all of these.

Powerful Theming

Strike3 has a powerful but easy to learn templating system called Disco. If you know a little HTML you can create your own themes. It’s super easy to change the look and feel of your site.

Easy to Install

Install with Homebrew
Install with Scoop

~$ brew tap gkjpettet/homebrew-strike3

~$ brew install strike3

scoop bucket add strike3

scoop install strike3

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